About Cristie Besu

I am Cristie Besu, Registered Nurse and Certified Sports Nutritionist. I have a background as an energetic ER nurse and have a passion for fitness and health. I am extremely goal driven and I love helping others “figure out their bodies”. I owe my success with clients to combining science, with my love for the fitness industry, to decipher what works for each individual. The Fitness and Health world is full of unknowns. The trick is figuring out how to get where YOU want, incorporating YOUR lifestyle, and not trying to mimic or copy someone else’s plan. I don’t have a specific method that I use across the board, because I don’t want to limit myself, or my clients. I like to continuously evolve and combine the best of all worlds to discover what is best in each specific situation.



We offer personalized nutrition and fitness plan that includes the use of our exclusive AskCristie mobile app . This way you can commit to a plan and track your progress on the goal while you meet your goals.

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One on One



One-Time Fee

Follow UP


Per Visit
  • Body Fat and Lean Mass Assessment
  • We analyze what your lifestyle is like , your activity level and what your concerns may be.
  • During the 45-50 min visit, we build a personalized nutrition plan. The meal and lifestyle change plan is structured to reach specific 4 week increment goals.
  • You have access to Cristie in between your appointments via email and an Interactive mobile app is included for the duration of your plan. See tutorial below on how the mobile app works.


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Per Assesment
  • Not a cookie cutter diet. We generate a plan for YOU based on an emailed assessment followed up by a 15 minute Q &A over the phone appointment to clarify you plan and make adjustments.
  • Once you purchase the membership online and you will receive an email and with questions to get you started. You will also get contacted by someone from AskCristie to plan to streamline the process
  • We receive your information and then you receive you meal plan and information package via email.
  • Next we set up a phone appointment for a 15 minute phone conversation to make sure you understand your plan and how it works.

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One-Time Fee

Follow UP


Per Follow Up

Not a South Florida local or in town to see AskCristie. We have Phone or Facetime appointments that are also scheduled on this tab. These plans use pictures and your feedback rather than physical body fat and lean mass assessment.


Ask Cristie App tutoral

App is included with cost of membership


Find out about Nutritional Information and About How to do certain Exercises


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